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Lip Scrub
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Who doesn’t want to have moist, luscious lips? This is an essential part of modern beauty, and for this reason, there is a wealth of products available that will help you achieve the plump lips you desire. These lip-care products […]

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Foot Spa Massager
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Our feet work hard every day carrying the weight of our bodies, which is why it is common for us to go home after a long day of work and have sore feet. If this is your case, a small […]

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Essential Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Essential oils are the perfect product to awaken your sense of smell and enjoy a world with many fantastic aromas that can promote so many emotions. It should also be noted that essential oils are products that contain certain therapeutic […]

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After Sun Lotion
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Everyone knows how important sunscreen is for taking care of your skin and avoiding the damage from UV rays but not many people know how beneficial after sun lotion can be for your health. Spending excessive time in the sun, […]

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Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Our skin, which is the only barrier between our internal habitat and outside surroundings, is susceptible to a number of external hazards such as solar radiation, pollution, and severe temperature changes. All of this takes a toll on the health […]

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Body Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

When summer comes around and you go outside to enjoy the outdoors, every part of your body appreciates the warmth and sun, except your skin. When exposed to excessive heat and sun, your skin dehydrates considerably and body oils soon […]

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Best CC Cream 2020: Shopping Guide & Review
Charlotte Steward in Facial Care

Our face is not only an image that we project to others, but the skin on our face is one of the most sensitive areas of our body. Some of its most important functions are temperature regulation, protection against infections […]

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Sunscreen Lotion
Charlotte Steward in Facial Care

Since ancient times, humans have known the therapeutic effects of heat and sunlight. In fact, in the mid-nineteenth century, Doctor Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for applying heliotherapy to heal lupus. However, sunlight exposure can […]

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Matte Lipstick
Charlotte Steward in Beauty

It is said that a smile is your greatest asset. It is the same in every language and culture, and leaves a lasting impression. So it is no surprise that lipstick products have been used for centuries, in many different […]

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