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Essential Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Essential oils are the perfect product to awaken your sense of smell and enjoy a world with many fantastic aromas that can promote so many emotions. It should also be noted that essential oils are products that contain certain therapeutic […]

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Roll-On Wax
Lisa Marlin in Personal Care

Let’s all acknowledge that hair removal is a pain. There are new products coming out all the time to make this task a little less tedious, but all have their disadvantages: using a razor means stubble, hot wax can burn […]

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Natural Sunscreen
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

There is no doubt that sunscreen performs a very important role in our lives, especially during summertime. These days, more and more people are looking for a way to protect themselves from the sun’s rays in a more natural way. […]

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Men's Facial Cleanser
Charlotte Steward in Facial Care

Like people’s faces, facial cleansers come in a wide variety of forms. There is no one perfect cleanser for every man because whether it is suitable for each individual depends on the ingredients and how they will react with each […]

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LED Mask
Paige Dygbert in Personal Care

LED Masks: you may have heard of these already, or maybe not. In any case, in recent months, LED masks have been on everyone’s lips. This luminous mask device is revolutionizing the skincare regimes of the famous: the Kardashian sisters, […]

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Vitamin C Serum
Paige Dygbert in Facial Care

Every day, we wear clothes to protect our bodies and shoes for our feet, but how do we protect our skin? The skin is a vital organ that protects the proper functioning of our body. It regulates our body temperature, […]

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Hyaluronic Acid
Lisa Marlin in Facial Care

Over the years, our bodies experience significant changes, including our skin, which develops lines, wrinkles, loss of tone or sagging as we age.  Aging is a normal physiological process that we all must experience. This doesn’t mean every aspect of […]

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Menstrual Cup
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Every woman experiences menstruation each month for a great part of her life. That being, the fact that it is so normal doesn’t make it any less unpleasant – quite the opposite, actually. Many women experience pain, mood swings, bloating […]

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Translucent Powder
Charlotte Steward in Beauty

Translucent powders are one of those makeup products that not everyone uses, and that is because they either don’t know what they’re for or they don’t know how to apply them correctly. Which is unfortunate because they are key to […]

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