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The right mobile in a crib can change the feel of the babies entire room. These apparatuses can much have more functions than decorative purposes. They not only help your child relax at bedtime, they can also have many benefits for your child’s cognitive development. Even though it is important for babies to learn to be in different positions, most of the time the spend in their cribs they are looking up.

A mobile will accompany your baby as they go to sleep and wake up, while simultaneously providing them with physical and mental stimulation during these times. If you want to choose the best and most complete model for your child, or as a gift, keep reading. This guide has all the information you need to choose the best crib mobile for your needs.

Key Facts

  • During early stages of infancy, mobiles are not only decorative items that help your baby relax; these items can have an impact on and support a baby’s sensory and motor development.
  • Electric mobiles offer many functions beyond spinning and playing
    music: some models include projectors or come with lights, others with
    varied sound options.
  • A baby mobile can add consistency to your baby’s bedtime routine. Some of the most compact models come with different attachment mechanisms, and are small enough that they are easy to transport. Allowing you to bring the comfort of home anywhere you go.

Our Selection: The Best Baby Mobiles on the U.S. Market

As you search for a crib mobile for your baby or as a gift, you’ll soon realize there is an infinite offering of models, shapes, colors and sizes. To help narrow your search, this ranking contains the top 5 baby mobiles available to you in the United States.

Best On-The-Go Baby Mobile

This fun at home and on the go baby mobile can go wherever the baby goes, keeping the calm and entertained with the fun animal designs. The colorful mobile has cute porcupine, fox and bird stuffed toys that dangle gently from the spinning top. It has a very easy attachment and can connect onto cribs, play yards, carriers, strollers, bassinets and more. The spinning toys visually stimulate and excite babies while they lay.

It has 30 minutes of uninterrupted music with 5 different engaging melodies. For restless babies, this mobile can gently distract and relax the baby either while they are wide awake or on their way to sleep. TinyLove always has the same goal, to help parents to encourage their babies development by inspiring moments of wonder that they can share together. It is quick and easy to assemble and parents love how its keep their baby calm and distracted for minutes on end wherever you go.

Best Baby Mobile for Small Budgets

For all the advanced settings, lights and music functions this baby mobile has, it comes at an extremely low price. Highly rated, this musical mobile has 4 modes of soothing music. It comes with 6 songs, 5 nature sounds, 10 musical organ noises and 150 beautiful melodies that will keep your baby entertained, or soothe them to sleep. It has an adjustable setting that allows you to choose the perfect volume for your baby in any situation.

It includes an advanced timer function that allows you to set a 20, 40 or 60 minutes timer. The music box will shut off automatically once the timer runs out, allowing you to head to bed and leave it on for your baby to fall asleep to. This baby mobile is easy to assemble attached right to the crib. It includes a remote control so you can adjust the mobile to whatever settings you wish without getting up from your seat or disturbing your baby.

Best Musical Baby Mobile

This brightly colored musical baby crib mobile by GrowthPic not only provides your baby with visual stimulation that helps further cognitive development, but provides a multitude of different musical tuned to keep them entertained. Programmed into this baby mobile are 3 music categories with 20 tunes, for up to 20 min of continuous play. Soft, soothing music will help calm and put your baby to sleep at night, and joyful stimulating music alongside the adorable hang toys will keep your baby entertained during the day.

This crib mobile only locks to a square bar. The width of the bar must be between 1.7 cm and 4.5 cm. Remember to keep it balanced as you are hooking it on and pull the rope down into its groove after attaching the hanging toys. This is a mobile crib that can accompany your baby from infancy to childhood. Once the baby begins to grow, it can detach from the crib to become a stand alone music box.

Best Dual-Use Baby Mobile

This simple, affordable and very effective musical baby mobile is an amazing decoration and toy apparatus for your nursery or above your babies crib. It has a rotating music rack with fun, colorful fish to keep your baby stimulated and happy. The rotating bell has a fair-sounding piano tune with 12 light melodies and an adjustable volume. Apart from the colorful fish, it has a nice white color that will go well in any room or nursery.

This mobile is a dual-use toy, each little fish can be detaching and put in the water as water toys during your babies bath time. It has an easy to clean design, simply wiping it down when needed. It’s suitable for the crib, an infant bed, strollers, bassinets, car seats and carrycots. This high quality baby mobile requires nothing else but 2 AA batteries to function; not included with purchase.

Cutest Baby Mobile

The Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is one of the cutest mobiles available for babies 0-24 months old. It’s hanging and spinning stuffed animals will become your babies favorite companions as they gently spin above their head in their crib. The mobile easily attached to the crib and offers 6 different musical options with a total of 18 engaging and delightful melodies. You can choose between calming tunes for naptime, or more energetic music for playtime.

With all the different music options you can play, this mobile provides over 40 minutes of uninterrupted music. With the easy to control button pad, you can choose exactly which music you’d like and can even place it on a shuffle setting for a fresh listening experience every time you use it. This mobile functions not only as a music box and visual stimulator, but a nightlife as well. In addition, once your baby grows, you can remove the mobile and transform it into a stand-alone music box.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Baby Mobiles

To choose the best mobile for your needs, you should always consider their functions and what are the advantages of choosing one model over another. To help you define your priorities, this section includes the most frequently asked questions among buyers.

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Mobile phones contribute to the physical and mental stimulation of your baby.
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Why are baby mobiles important?

These items are much more than just decorative pieces. They contribute to your infants’ development, while also accompanying them through early stages of their infancy. Below, we have listed some of the most noteworthy benefits of baby mobiles.

  • Sensory Stimulation: Because baby mobiles are meant to catch your babies attention, they are often made with colorful and dazzling designs. The more eye-catching and outstanding they are, the more entertained they will keep your baby. Furthermore, as the infant grows, these devices will help them start to identify distances, by enabling them to develop and hone their depth perception.
  • Relaxation:Baby mobiles are made with movements and sounds that are meant to help your baby relax and have a more restful sleep. For example, a soft melody can be the perfect touch to lull your baby to sleep.
  • Motor skills development: Baby mobiles that stimulate and excite babies often makes them move. Infant movements begin with them following the mobile with their gaze, they will then begin to extend their limbs towards the device. These movements support coordination as well as the development of fine and gross motor skills.
A baby mobile provides visual stimulation and promotes brain development. Keep in mind, though, that some mobiles are meant to stimulate baby and others are meant to soothe baby to sleep.

Which is better: a battery powered mobile or an analogue baby mobile?

This will really depend on how you intend to use it. Both battery operated and wind (analogue) mobiles will be able to move. However, for obvious reasons, the movement of a wind mobile will be much more subtle, although equally relaxing for your baby.

The one advantage of battery operated mobiles is that they do not depend on wind and have more stimulating features. The rotary movement in these devices is consistent and more evident. They also tend to have sounds and sometimes even lights.

Are baby mobiles safe?

They are, but just like with any other item for your baby, there are some safety precautions you can take. For starters make sure to choose a baby mobile that doesn’t have a lot of small parts- these can come loose and become a choking hazard.

Keep in mind that younger babies will need to have the mobile closer to their face to be able to properly distinguish it’s features. When your baby is about 5 months old, he’ll begin to lift their arms and legs to try and catch it. At this time, we suggest that you move the mobile away when your child reaches this stage of motor development.

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The rotating movement of the mobile helps calm babies.
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Purchase Criteria

There is such a wide range of baby mobiles on the market that it’s easy to get lost in all the colors, shapes and brands. When it comes to choosing a mobile for your baby, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Use Versatility

Many manufacturers understand that babies don’t always sleep in their crib and make baby mobiles that are portable. These are perfect for babies who spend a lot of time in the car, for example, and need help falling asleep. A portable mobile must be small and you should be able to hook or attach it to different surfaces.


Battery-powered mobiles can be much more than just pretty colors and hypnotizing movements. Many mobiles can project stars or other relaxing figures to accompany the baby at night. There are also many baby mobiles that come with toys that can be easily detached. These are great for giving the baby familiar toys when its playing or sleeping outside of the crib.

Bracket System (hitch)

It is important to always check other parents’ reviews and manufacturers specifications guides to make sure the mounting system works with your baby’s crib. Most mobiles can be adapted to any type of bar and material, but it’s always worth it to make sure other parents haven’t had any problems with installation.


As you may have noticed by now, crib mobiles are not just decorative items. Of course, it’s always nice if they have a nice design or if the baby’s room has a theme (jungle or marine, for example) for the baby mobile to match it. There are also design companies that strive to make quality and less strident mobiles.

However, you should know that baby mobiles with very dull colors will not get the baby’s attention easily, in short, they will not do their job. Baby mobiles with high-contrasting colors, especially black and white, are especially stimulating for infants just a few months old. Keep this in mind if you want the mobile you choose to start contributing to the child’s sensory development from very early on.


Your baby will benefit greatly from having a mobile in his crib. These products contribute to an infant’s sensory, motor and cognitive development. A mobile with melodies and gentle movements can help the infant relax and fall asleep with ease. Keep in mind there is an endless selection of baby mobiles on the United States market: battery or wind operated, with built-in lights and projectors, removable parts, and with portable features.

To identify exactly what you’re looking for, it’s important to consider what your baby’s bedtime routine will look like and from there determine which mobile best fits into it. Knowing what function you want from the mobile will therefore help you determine which mobile you should choose.

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