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From the time they are born, well into their toddlerhood, baby blankets are great items that will accompany your baby and keep him warm, comfortable and cozy, while in their crib, on your arms or on the go. In the American market, you’ll find hundreds of models with different features, sizes, and designs, making it very hard to choose the perfect one.

That is where this guide comes in. We have designed this article to help you with your search. We will give you all the information you need in order to select the right model for you and your baby. We’ve also included a selection of the top baby blankets available to you right now. Keep reading and you’ll have the tools to make a wise purchase decision.

Key Facts

  • Baby blankets will play a large role in providing your baby with quality sleep and rest. This means that making an informed and wise decision is of utmost importance.
  • For starters, make sure that the baby blanket you choose is made with top quality materials. If you can, try to opt for natural cloths, these will be the safest for your baby’s delicate skin.
  • If you live with seasons, making sure the material is in accordance with the season will be crucial to your baby’s comfort. It stands to reason that the temperature of the season will dictate the material and warmth of the blanket.

Our Selection: The Best Baby Blankets on the U.S Market

In the United States, there is a large market for baby blankets, so large it could actually be very overwhelming to sort through all the colors, sizes and features. To help you better understand your options, we’ve created this ranking. As promised, in this section we show you the leading standard in baby blankets in North America. Evaluate their pros and cons, and we’re sure you’ll have a better idea of what your needs are.

Best Fleece Baby Blanket

This plush, cartoon print blanket is made of a 100% superfine fiber material that is extra soft, high-quality, durable and lightweight. The material is wrinkle and fade resistant doesn’t shed and is suitable for all seasons. Its size comes out to be 39” x 55”, suitable for sofas, living rooms, nurseries, as a carte blanket or to be placed at the foot of a bed. It’s the perfect kids blanket for traveling, napping, sleeping or reading companion.

This fun blanket has the cartoon Peppa the pig, loved by children around the world, printed on it. This creates a sense of fun and adventure and the child will have the company of one of their favorite characters right with them as they sleep. This blanket can be tossed into the washing machine for easy cleaning. FairyShe suggests washing it in machine wash cold the first few times to avoid bleeding of color. Tumble dry on low and never iron.

Best Fuzzy Baby Blanket

This soft microfleece blanket by Wonder Miracle is one of Amazon’s Best Sellers. It is a quality made, fleece knit blanket that feels heavenly against the skin and is perfect to put over your baby when it is time for bed. It creates a comfortable sleeping environment and temperature for your child that is suitable in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The convenient 28” W x 40” L size means that you can easily fold it up and pack it in a bag when going on road trips, to a friends house or in the stroller for a day at the park. It can be used at night but also as a blanket to lay on the outside or as a substitute for a changing pad. The soft, smooth fabric is thermal, durable, breathable and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your baby’s skin or health.

Best Plush Baby Blanket


Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing, Woodland Creatures, One Size

  • Cozy, comfortable soft plush blanket
  • Made with 100% polyester / Sized 30×40 inches
  • Soft and gentle on baby’s skin
  • Optimal for everyday use
  • Affordable, high quality plush blanket

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One of Amazon’s choice blankets, this adorable plush blanket is perfect for your newborn baby as they play and grow. It is made of a 100% soft and gentle polyester fabric. This blanket is perfect to wrap your baby up in as they nap, during cold winters or after a bath. It’s very well-constructed, keeping its integrity without shedding or emitting fuzz. It is lightweight, flexible and extremely easy to wash.

Its soft earthy tones will look great in almost any room and provide your baby with cute animals for fun visual stimulus. It is a great quality blanket that comes at a reasonable price. It is a generously sized blanket, with dimensions of 36 x .1 x 30 inches. Weighing only 12 ounces, it has a medium thickness that allows you to fold it conveniently for you to carry with you wherever you and your baby travel.

Best Swaddle Baby Blanket

The super-soft, breathable and lightweight Muslin swaddle baby blank is made of 100% premium Muslin cotton. It is a completely natural fabric not treated with any fire retardants. It is a more breathable and hypoallergenic material than ordinary cotton. It’s perfect for kids with eczema or other allergies as it enables the baby’s skin to breath all while keeping them warm.

It is a 2 layered blanket that is appropriately oversized for multi-use purposes. It measures 44” x 44”, enough to wrap your baby up snuggly, cover a car seat, lay on the floor or couch for nap time, playtime or bedtime. Very compatible when folded, it is a great blanket to take with you and your family on vacations or trips in the car. Not too light and not too heavy, this blanket is made for all seasons, keeping your baby comfortable warm in the summer, winter, fall or spring.

Best Breathable Baby Blanket

The Boritar baby blanket is made of a super-soft, 100% polyester material that will keep your baby snug and cozy no matter where they are. It is a double layer blanket with a plush dotted fabric backing. It has little grey arrow designs sprinkled across it for a cute and modern design that will look great at the foot of your kid’s bed or wrapped around your baby in their crib. It is 30” x 40”, allowing for full coverage but doesn’t take up too much space.

The soft plush material is comfortable and breathable for the delicate skin of your baby, allowing them to easily drop into a deep sleep. It can even fit over adults to cover the legs or for sitting on outside. Boritar has created a multi-use blanket that can be used for sleeping, cuddling, as a stroller cover, nursing cover, burp cloth and so much more.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Baby Blankets

Ensuring your baby is comfortable while sleeping or resting is a priority. A baby blanket works by enveloping your infant in a cozy cocoon, encouraging rest and relaxation. For this reason, these items are essential in any newborns life, especially when it’s cold outside. To help you understand the different aspects and characteristics of these blankets, we’ve designed this section with all the information you need.

Baby Sleeping in Bed, Newborn Kid Sleep in Hat, New Born One Mon

A good baby blanket will make your infant feel safe.
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Are baby blankets necessary?

For starters, just like adult blankets, baby blankets are made to support and enable proper sleep and rest. Baby blankets are specifically designed to make your baby feel warm, cozy and comfortable as they sleep or rest. Moreover, the rule of thumb with infants is that they require one more layer than an adult, so a baby blanket can always come in handy.

As we know babies cry to communicate, which means when they cry, it could be because of a number of reasons. For example, they may be hungry, tired, in pain or experiencing discomfort. Discomfort is often related to their body temperature, they are too hot, or too cold. Having the proper baby blanket can ensure your baby is always at a comfortable temperature.

baby feet

Make sure the materials of the baby blanket you choose are of top quality.
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When might a baby need a blanket?

Some would think that baby blankets are only useful when it’s cold. However, these items quickly become useful in all sorts of situations. For instance, when you want to move the baby from one place to another and they’ll be exposed to the elements, or as the baby grows, setting the blanket down so he can have a comfortable and clean place to play… the uses are endless.

What we’re trying to say is that these baby blankets are not only useful for wrapping the baby up as they sleep in their crib. These blankets become familiar to the baby and can work to soothe them when they are away from home. You should always carry one of these items in the stroller or your car, you’ll never know when you’ll be needing them.

Rose SorribasInternationally Certified Lactation Consultant

“Swaddling a baby can help them calm down when they are overstimulated. It also prevents babies from startling themselves with twitches during their sleep. Last but not least, they work to keep the baby warm until their internal thermostat kicks in. “

Are there any regulations around baby blankets in the United States?

The first thing you should always ensure is that the baby blanket you choose is specifically designed to suit babies and their specific age. One of the main reasons why not just any old blanket will do is that the materials in baby blankets are specifically suited to care for the delicate skin of babies.

It is for this reason that you should always opt for products tailored for infants and toddlers. Moreover, keep an eye out for models that have the GOTS certificate, which means the article complies with the Global Organic Textile Standards. Another common certificate to look out for is the OEKO TEX, which verifies the item has been manufactured without any substances that can be harmful to our health.

Newborn baby boy

Organic fabrics will always be safe for the delicate skin of your baby.
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What are the best materials for baby blankets?

We’ve mentioned a few times, but in case it’s not already obvious: the materials of the blanket are the most important aspect to the quality of the blanket. Quality materials mean that they should be hypoallergenic and free of harmful chemicals. The next relevant aspect to consider regarding materials is the weather temperatures your baby will experience.

If you live with seasons, you will need a different blanket for the summer and winter, and maybe even one more that can be used for fall and spring weather.

To give you some reference: in the coldest months, natural fibers such as wool or cotton will be the softest and provide the most warmth. For extreme cold, fleece could also be an excellent choice. However, during the spring or summer, blankets made of 100% cotton will be your best choice.


In the summer, making sure the fabrics are light and breathable will ensure your baby doesn’t overhear.

Are baby blankets machine washable?

For the most part, baby blankets can be put through the washing machine. Nonetheless, the materials of each product will dictate the temperatures at which it can be washed. Some materials may have a limit to the temperatures they can withstand before they begin to deteriorate. You will find some materials can handle heat better than others, just do your research.

At the end of the day, you should also pay attention to the label and manufacturers washing recommendations in order to give the article proper care and maintenance. Keep in mind that being able to wash the product thoroughly and easily is super important since babies are meant to be in very hygienic environments in order to prevent any health complications.

Buyer’s Guide

If we can assume that all parents want the best for their babies, this would also apply to the items they come in contact with, like their baby blanket. To choose the best item for your baby, check out this last set of criteria, if you keep these things in mind, you’re sure to arrive at the perfect baby blanket for you and your baby.

Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials of the baby blanket you choose is one of, if not THE most important aspect to consider in order to get a quality product. Keep in mind the item you choose will be in constant contact with your baby’s body and face. Which means it must be made breathable and soft materials that don’t contain any toxic substances that may irritate your baby’s skin or cause an allergic reaction.

If you choose an item that is made from 100% cotton, for example, you can’t go wrong. This material is breathable, which will allow your baby to maintain optimal body temperature. Moreover, this material is known for being safe, as it will not cause any irritation, even to the most delicate skin. Even though polyester is a synthetic material, it is cheaper and also suitable for babies. Wool will also be a good choice, particularly if looking for added warmth.

Baby blankets can come in all sorts of sizes and materials, which means they also come in all sorts of price ranges.
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If you’re looking to choose a baby blanket that will stay with your child as they grow, the size will be an important aspect to consider. Initially, you’ll want a model big enough to be able to wrap your infant in it. If you opt for bigger models, they could also be used on the floor for when your baby begins to crawl.

A standard measurement for baby blankets is between 30-40 inches in length. These dimensions are great, even if you only plan to use the blanket to cover your baby in their crib. We would advise against choosing a blanket that is less than 25 inches in length since babies grow very quickly and it will likely not last you very long.


Design is a very important and subjective aspect. In this regard, it will be up to the babies parents to choose a blanket that is in accordance with their taste and preferences. Some parents may opt for pastel colors with playful designs, while others may prefer neutral tones that will allow the blanket to stay stylish as the baby grows.

Fortunately for parents, in North America, you can find blankets with all sorts of designs to fit any budget. More than the design of the baby blanket however, most parents are actually looking for practicality within these items. Meaning some parents may choose a neutral color that could work for a future brother or sister.

Dr. Harvey KarpFamous American Pediatrician and Children’s Environmental Health Advocate.

“Touch is our most ancient, calming sense. Swaddling reminds babies of the womb’s embrace and it’s a similar experience to being cuddled skin-to-skin, but its big advantage is that it envelops a baby’s body with a soft caress that can soothe her for hours when she’s sleeping…and can’t be in your arms.”


This aspect is closely related to its materials and composition since the materials will determine the texture and feel of the baby blanket. As we’ve mentioned a few times, products meant for babies should always be soft and pleasant to the touch.

Keep in mind that discomfort is one of the main reasons babies cry. A soft baby blanket, aside from keeping your baby warm and cozy, it will also provide him with enormous comfort, as his body and face touch the soft and silky surface of their blankie.


Baby blankets are essential tools for the first months of a baby’s life. During this time, their little bodies are very susceptible to temperature changes and keeping them warm and cozy is very important to keep them comfortable and happy. A baby blanket will also help swaddle your newborn, allowing them to have optimal sleep and rest.

Keep in mind that babies grow really fast, so you may want to invest in a larger blanket. Make sure to consider things like texture and seasons before you make your final purchase. Whatever product you choose, if it’s of good quality, it will grow with your baby well into his toddlerhood. If the blanket is soft and comfortable the baby will love spending time in it.

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