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William Dixon
William Dixon
William loves kids of all ages and is a professional educator. In his professional career he has learned a lot about education and toys. Now he loves to blog about it and hopes to help young parents. It is important to Wiliam that he stays up to date, therefore he regularly informs himself about current topics in the field of education.

Posts by William Dixon

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Anti-Colic Bottle
Parenting & Children »

Even if you haven’t experienced it yourself yet, we’ve all heard the horror stories of sleepless nights due to a crying baby. Hours of stress trying to rock them to sleep after they eat is nothing out of the ordinary, […]

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Teddy Bears
Parenting & Children » Toys »

Teddy bears and other stuffed animals are adored by kids of all ages, although they are particularly appropriate for babies and toddlers. They come in a variety of shapes and colors which will delight young toddlers.  They are soft and […]

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Baby Activity Center
Parenting & Children » Toys »

During their first years of life, children learn with every step they take. Therefore, educational games are essential for them to absorb information while having fun. Baby activity tables are specifically designed to meet these two goals. With these types […]

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Diaper Rash Cream
Parenting & Children »

The inevitable contact with diapers on the delicate skin of babies during their first months of life causes, on many occasions, redness or irritation. These types of reactions are known as diaper rash, and they are mostly treated with creams. […]

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Baby Bib
Parenting & Children »

Bibs have saved the clothing of babies since time immemorial. Therefore, it is not surprising that we find bibs in absolutely every home with a baby. However, over time, these useful items have evolved a lot, both in their form […]

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Baby Blanket
Parenting & Children »

From the time they are born, well into their toddlerhood, baby blankets are great items that will accompany your baby and keep him warm, comfortable and cozy, while in their crib, on your arms or on the go. In the […]

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Kids Car
Parenting & Children » Toys »

We all know that children are fascinated by the world of adults. They watch their parents driving down the road and have only one wish: driving their very own vehicle. This is why kids cars are such a trendy product. […]

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Baby Mobile
Parenting & Children » Toys »

The right mobile in a crib can change the feel of the babies entire room. These apparatuses can much have more functions than decorative purposes. They not only help your child relax at bedtime, they can also have many benefits […]

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Baby Stroller
Parenting & Children »

Baby strollers are essential for anyone expecting the arrival of a baby. They let our little ones ride in comfort and keep them safe, whenever they are out for a walk with their parents. Of course there will always be […]

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