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Thibault Perinet
Thibault Perinet
As a literature and translation licensee and avid traveler, language has always been at the heart of my daily life. A freelance translator since 2014, I love to delve into a variety of topics that contribute to my professional and personal development. My favorite things in life? Maté in the morning, soccer with friends, and old school hip hop.

Posts by Thibault Perinet

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Fantasy Book
Lifestyle & Fashion » Books »

Fantasy is currently one of the most popular literary genres. Millions of people around the world will confess to following characters such as Harry Potter, Daenerys Targaryen or Conan the Barbarian. This is a testimony to the success of the […]

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Dog Fence
Pets »

Dogs have always been the pets par excellence. In addition to being very affectionate animals, they are also faithful protectors. The care and attention they hold for their owners are particularly important for their healthy development and to become good […]

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3D Printer
Technology »

Until recently, 3D printers felt like something out of science fiction movies or cutting-edge technology that was only reserved for specialized sectors. Today, however, 3D printers are available to the general public for all types of projects and applications. More […]

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