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Rebecca Campbell
Rebecca Campbell
Construction & Home Remodeling Expert
Rebecca is a real hands-on type of girl. She took over her father’s small company that specializes in construction and home remodeling. Not only does she manage all the projects her company takes on, but she also loves to get her hands dirty.

Posts by Rebecca Campbell

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Rivet Gun
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Putting together two pieces of metal or wood can be done in a couple of seconds. A rivet gun could be the tool that you need. This tool will help you with any type of riveting job. A rivet gun […]

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Electric Saw
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If you are looking for a small electric saw to maintain your garden, complete small domestic projects or build a new feature in your house, you’re in luck. Unique home designs and interesting garden features are becoming trendy across America […]

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Stud Finder
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You’ve probably asked yourself the following question several times before drilling a hole into your wall: how do professionals not go through pipes or cables? The answer is simpler than you might think, and no, they don’t know where each […]

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Screwdrivers are an essential item in any toolbox, regardless of whether you’re a professional. You’ll probably find a screwdriver in most homes around the world. Their uses are countless, but screwdrivers are primarily used for assembling, repairing and various other […]

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Speed Square
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Speed squares are quite simply one of the oldest universal tools out there. Human beings have been using these to take and construct to exact measurements for thousands of years. Some of the most ancient structures on the planet were […]

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Claw Hammer
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Most homes across America have at least one hammer lying around. One of the most common types of hammers, and those used most often by carpenters are claw hammers. This is a tool that has not really changed much over […]

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