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Lisa Marlin
Lisa Marlin
I am a professional writer, translator and marketing consultant with over seven years of experience working in the communications industry. I love to explore the world and always keep up to date on the latest technologies. I love to keep fit throughout my travels, be it through a healthy and balanced diet or through researching the latest trend in sports.

Posts by Lisa Marlin

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Hyaluronic Acid
Beauty » Facial Care »

Over the years, our bodies experience significant changes, including our skin, which develops lines, wrinkles, loss of tone or sagging as we age.  Aging is a normal physiological process that we all must experience. This doesn’t mean every aspect of […]

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Water Pump
Tools »

Nobody knows when they will need a water pump, but the chances are always there that they will – whether it will be to extinguish a fire, to install an irrigation system, to pump water from wells or to remove […]

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Dog Comb
Pets »

Having a furry friend is a wonderful thing, but this also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. The health of our best friend is fundamental for them and us, and that’s why, when choosing our pet, we need to […]

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