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Lisa Marlin
Lisa Marlin
I am a professional writer, translator and marketing consultant with over seven years of experience working in the communications industry. I love to explore the world and always keep up to date on the latest technologies. I love to keep fit throughout my travels, be it through a healthy and balanced diet or through researching the latest trend in sports.

Posts by Lisa Marlin

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Roll-On Wax
Beauty » Personal Care »

Let’s all acknowledge that hair removal is a pain. There are new products coming out all the time to make this task a little less tedious, but all have their disadvantages: using a razor means stubble, hot wax can burn […]

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Wireless Sports Headphones
Fitness »

Exercising is an important habit in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Even though it is healthy to sweat, it doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite music while we do it. Whether it is to gain maximum concentration or […]

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Hyaluronic Acid
Beauty » Facial Care »

Over the years, our bodies experience significant changes, including our skin, which develops lines, wrinkles, loss of tone or sagging as we age.  Aging is a normal physiological process that we all must experience. This doesn’t mean every aspect of […]

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Water Pump
Tools »

Nobody knows when they will need a water pump, but the chances are always there that they will – whether it will be to extinguish a fire, to install an irrigation system, to pump water from wells or to remove […]

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Dog Comb
Pets »

Having a furry friend is a wonderful thing, but this also comes with a certain amount of responsibility. The health of our best friend is fundamental for them and us, and that’s why, when choosing our pet, we need to […]

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