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Levi Price
Levi Price
Professional Interior Designer
Levi is a professional interior designer and knows everything there is to know about home and decor. Not only does she blog about the latest furniture trends, she also enjoys giving tips on cleanliness and interior design.

Posts by Levi Price

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Mosquito Net
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We all love summer. The weather is better. The days are longer, and vacation begins! The downside of summer is that the temperature starts to rise and the bugs come out. Many people choose to close their windows for the […]

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Christmas Tree
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Christmas is a time of happiness and excitement for many American families. As the end of the year nears, they let the spirit of Christmas into their daily lives again. The tree holds a prominent position in the decoration of […]

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When decorating your house, you not only need to think about the furniture, but also the smaller details. It is important to have those special personal touches in your home to make it feel like your own. One accessory that […]

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Most people prefer to keep their home and environment clean. A good way to keep things hygienic is to keep mess to a minimum. It’s easier to maintain a clean environment than to have to clean a mess every other […]

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No matter what type of work you are doing, you need to have the right equipment. It is also super important that you have a designated space to work in. If your job requires you to work at home from […]

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Watercolor Brushes
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If you are passionate about painting techniques, or if you are a watercolor fanatic, you probably already know that Joseph M. William Turner (1775-1851) is considered one of the masters of this painting method. Watercolor consists of mixing paint with […]

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Outdoor Chair
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If you have an outdoor area in your home then you are a very lucky person. It doesn’t matter if it is a balcony, a terrace, a patio or a yard, simply having a place where you can be outside […]

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Tower Fans
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It is true that in the coldest months of the year almost everyone longs for summer. We look forward to longer days, lighter meals, days on the beach or in the pool, and vacations. But then the time comes and […]

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LED Light Bulbs
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LED light bulbs have completely revolutionized the lighting market; changing the way we design, produce and incorporate lights into our homes and businesses. This modern lighting technology allows you to enjoy higher quality lights that are not only more durable […]

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