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Jacob O'Connor
Jacob O'Connor
Landscaping & D.I.Y. Expert
Jacob works in a landscaping company and deals with heavy equipment on a daily basis. In his free time, he loves to take care of anything that needs repairing in his family’s house and is always up to help his friends with their home projects

Posts by Jacob O'Connor

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Orbital Sander
Tools »

An orbital sander is a perfect companion for the majority of carpentry and DIY tasks. Thanks to this handy tool, you can complete fine, detailed tasks. It is ideal for smoothing rough edges, removing paint and varnish, among other tasks. […]

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Belt Sander
Tools »

Belt sanders have become an indispensable tool for do-it-yourselfers, homeowners and professional handymen. They make tasks such as filing, roughing, sanding or flattening so much easier and faster. In general, they are mainly used for working with wood, but they […]

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Caulking Gun
Tools »

Caulking guns have become an increasingly common item found in toolboxes. Not only are they incredibly useful for professionals, but also for amateurs and DIY fans who use them for a range of projects. Craft enthusiasts also find this tool […]

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Smoke Detector
Tools »

Smoke detectors are devices designed to detect the presence of fire inside buildings or homes. When a fire starts, smoke is formed that generates a series of cloud-like particles that remain suspended in the air. Smoke detectors are capable of […]

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Folding Ladder
Tools »

Sometimes when we do routine things around the home or in the workshop, we don’t realize that they are potentially dangerous. For example, when you want to lift something down from a high shelf, you might just use a chair […]

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Angle Grinder
Tools »

An angle grinder is a very useful power tool that is perfect for cutting pieces of wood, metal or ceramics. It can even perform other tasks such as sanding and sharpening tools. While these tools have always been popular with […]

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If you have a good pair of pliers you can master any task: from cutting and stripping a cable, holding two pieces of material together so that they adhere or fixing a tap. These popular tools are very simple, but […]

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Karcher Pressure Washer
Tools »

Karcher is the world’s most famous brand of manufacturers of pressure washers. Its different models of high-pressure outdoor cleaners have been a big hit with consumers over the last few decades, making them the most widely used home and garden […]

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Drip Irrigation System
Home »

If you live in a dry climate or if you are the kind of person who always forgets to water your plants, you will find a drip irrigation system highly useful. These systems help to keep plants well-watered and healthy, […]

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