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Hazel Evans
Hazel Evans
Hazel saw a lot of animals while traveling in Australia after high school. In fact, they fascinated her so much that she started to study zoology as soon as she began college. Birds are her favorite animals but, she loves all animals.

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Bird Feeder
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Many Americans absolutely love birds, which is why bird feeders are so popular. While having birds as pets is on the decline, people spend a lot of time and money every year, all over the country, observing them in the […]

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Rabbit Cage
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Rabbits, traditionally farm animals, are now becoming popular pets. They are affectionate, clean and intelligent animals. A rabbit needs a space to feel safe and most commonly people will house these pets in a large cage, or hutch. A rabbit […]

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Cat Bed
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Cats sleep for long periods throughout the day, so having a bed that they enjoy using and resting in is an important part of keeping a cat in your home. Cats like their privacy, especially when it comes to nap […]

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Cat Pipettes
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Our furry friends can be just as (if not more) important as any other friend or family member. In order to keep our beloved companions by our side, healthy and lively, it is important to care for their physical and […]

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Cat Tree
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Play is an important part of every cat’s life. They need to play to be happy, lower adrenaline levels and, of course, for exercise to stay in shape. Sitting around the house all day can be monotonous, so it’s very […]

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Cat Harness
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For a great many Americans, their cat, or cats are just as much a part of their family as anyone else. As people find out more about how cats naturally are, there aloof, sometimes care-free attitude becomes simply an interesting […]

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