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Charlotte Steward
Charlotte Steward
Beauty Expert & Cosmetologist
Charlotte became interested in the subject of beauty at an early age. It is her passion to improve the beauty industry. She now has her own small beauty salon and many regular customers who appreciate Charlotte's expertise.

Posts by Charlotte Steward

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Facial Sunscreen
Beauty » Facial Care »

Once warm weather hits and we begin spending more and more time outside, the skin becomes more exposed to the sun’s rays. While the sun provides us with essential nutrients like vitamin D, the UV rays it emits can do […]

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Lip Scrub
Beauty » Personal Care »

Who doesn’t want to have moist, luscious lips? This is an essential part of modern beauty, and for this reason, there is a wealth of products available that will help you achieve the plump lips you desire. These lip-care products […]

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Foot Spa Massager
Beauty » Personal Care »

Our feet work hard every day carrying the weight of our bodies, which is why it is common for us to go home after a long day of work and have sore feet. If this is your case, a small […]

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