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Brett Holmes
Brett Holmes
Brett is a keen observer of the latest technology trends and knows his way around the industry because he runs an electronics store. He writes about it in his spare time and wants to help others learn more about the technology industry.

Posts by Brett Holmes

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Tablet Keyboard
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These days tablets are one of the best selling technological devices on the market. Tablet keyboards combine many of the advantages of a computer, without the inconvenience of the tiny screen size of mobile phones. They are ideal for professionals […]

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The video game industry has evolved exponentially since the early days way back in the 1950s. These days there is a massive range of games, and different consoles and other devices to play on. One of the most important accessories […]

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Compact Camera
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The number of photography and video cameras available on the market continues to rise every day. The excessive choice can be confusing for customers and often results in many people becoming unsure about which type of camera is best suited […]

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iPad Keyboard
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A feature that many people miss when it comes to using an iPad or tablet is a physical keyboard. Purchasing a keyboard that is iPad compatible is one of the best ways to extend the usefulness and functionality of your […]

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Iphone Camera Lens
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The emergence of smartphones and the world of mobile technology not only revolutionized the communication industry, but also that of photography. Today, you can capture virtually any moment pf everyday life from the palm of your hand, from travel to […]

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Laptop Bag
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The defining feature of laptops is naturally their portability. For this purpose, we need a suitable bag or backpack to protect our device from bumps and scratches. These bags also allow us to carry important accessories such as mice, power […]

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Headphones are one of the most popular tech devices these days. There are so many models that have been adapted for different uses. Whether listening to music, playing video games or practicing sport, today’s headphones allow us to enjoy amazing […]

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Graphic Tablet
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When it comes to the world of illustration and graphic design, having a graphic tablet isn’t only helpful, but essential for any professional in the field. They provide high precision and sensitivity when it comes to design creation. Graphics tablets […]

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Graphics Card
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If you’re an avid gamer, you probably know that graphics cards are a crucial part of modern PCs. Even if you don’t exclusively use your computer for gaming, a good graphics card is essential for an optimal image and text quality on […]

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