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Brett Holmes
Brett Holmes
Brett is a keen observer of the latest technology trends and knows his way around the industry because he runs an electronics store. He writes about it in his spare time and wants to help others learn more about the technology industry.

Posts by Brett Holmes

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A GPS has become an indispensable tool for driving, enabling drivers to accurately plot their current position and follow clear route instructions to a specified destination.  GPS manufactures have been innovating, and in this article we discuss some of these […]

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Smartphone for Seniors
Technology » Smartphones »

Elderly people often have a hard time finding a mobile phone with which they feel comfortable and can use hassle-free. This is quite normal considering they are not digital natives – meaning they weren’t born or raised with technologies such […]

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Label Printer
Technology »

Label printers are very useful devices for businesses, warehouses, offices and even for the family home. With one of these innovative products, you can easily print labels, barcodes and business cards. What’s more, you can choose to print on either […]

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Touchscreen Computer
Technology »

These days the majority of people are accustomed to using touchscreens. They allow us to navigate the displays of mobile phones and tablets more easily and perform complex tasks much faster. Nowadays you can enjoy all these same benefits when […]

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Barcode Scanner
Technology »

A barcode scanner uses a laser to read the bars and spaces that makeup a barcode. These devices are usually limited to only being capable of reading this type of information, which they send to a computer via a cable […]

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Wireless Mouse
Technology »

The computer mouse is often considered a secondary or “peripheral” accessory to a computer. However, it can be an item of great importance. Because most laptops come with a touchpad or trackpad, you can often work without using a mouse. […]

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Photo Paper
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Our photos are where we are able to capture and save our most precious memories. Over the years, cameras have advanced so much that they are able to reproduce each moment with almost no difference to reality. With such high […]

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Airprint Printer
Technology »

Like most people, you probably own at least one iOS device. You most likely have lots of photos of unforgettable or special moments stored on it. What better way is there to decorate the walls of your home than with […]

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Tablet Keyboard
Technology »

These days tablets are one of the best selling technological devices on the market. Tablet keyboards combine many of the advantages of a computer, without the inconvenience of the tiny screen size of mobile phones. They are ideal for professionals […]

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