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Brett Holmes
Brett Holmes
Technology Geek
Brett is a keen observer of the latest technology trends and knows his way around the industry because he runs an electronics store. He writes about it in his spare time and wants to help others learn more about the technology industry.

Posts by Brett Holmes

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Smart Thermostat
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There is nothing better than arriving home on a cold winter’s night and being greeted with a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you have dreamed of being able to heat all the rooms of your house before you get back […]

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Mini Fan
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When summer comes around, with it comes the heat. Although most people look forward to the start of the summer season to enjoy warm temperatures as well as a few days on the beach or at the pool, heat can […]

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Even though we’re living through the digital age, physical documents are still an important part of life. We often need to digitize such documents for alteration, email attachments or just to store them more securely on a computer. Having a […]

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