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Avery Hilland
Avery Hilland
Avery studied fitness and nutrition at college and currently works as a PE teacher at his local high school. Not only does he love to help out his students increase their fitness performance, but he also writes blogs about sports and fitness in his spare time.

Posts by Avery Hilland

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Fitness Tracker Watch
Fitness »

Fitness tracker watches or sports watches have long ceased being a tool for only professional athletes. In recent years, they have become increasingly popular thanks to the great many advantages that they offer, and not just the most obvious benefit […]

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Baseball Ball
Fitness »

A baseball is a baseball, right? To the average eye, it may seem like from one baseball to another, there is little to no difference. Ask a baseball player, however, and you’ll quickly find that the range of different models […]

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Badminton Racket
Fitness »

Badminton, although for many it may seem strange, is the sixth most practiced sport in the world. It quickly spread from India, it’s country of origin, throughout different parts of Asia. At the end of the 19th century, when India […]

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Rowing Machine
Fitness »

A rower machine is the best option if you want to work on endurance, strength and cardio all without leaving your house. If you like sports and hate going to the gym when it’s cold, rowing is the most complete […]

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Running Shoes
Fitness »

Running is a great way to get fit, feel better and even form new relationships. It can have a huge effect on your state of mind, and has great physical benefits too. Running doesn’t cost a lot to take part in […]

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Folding Bike
Fitness » Bikes »

Cycling is a great way to be out in nature and get some exercise. We all know that it is an economical and environmentally friendly means of transport, and it’s great for your health. If this wasn’t enough, having a […]

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Gym Gloves
Fitness »

If you’re the type to spend long hours in the gym every week, you’re probably looking for the very best gear to train properly. This is why you need a pair of good gym gloves for all your workouts. They […]

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Boxing Gloves
Fitness » Boxing »

To feel some adrenaline, to release some stress or simply for exercising. Punching a boxing bag or an opponent can help you to disconnect from almost anything. In addition, boxing is one of the most complete sports, with which you […]

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