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Avery Hilland
Avery Hilland
Avery studied fitness and nutrition at college and currently works as a PE teacher at his local high school. Not only does he love to help out his students increase their fitness performance, but he also writes blogs about sports and fitness in his spare time.

Posts by Avery Hilland

Go to the article Nice time spending. Pleasant friends using scooter while riding it and resting together
Fitness »

The fresh air, the sensation of moving at your own pace, the two-wheel ride. Because fun doesn’t have to end when we get older, the scooter is a stupendous way to go from one place to another, effortlessly. With all […]

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Punching Bag
Fitness » Boxing »

Are you ready to release your adrenaline, let go of stress or simply relax? These are some of the reasons you should start practicing one of the oldest sports in History. Going off on a punching bag can help you […]

Go to the article Smaller wheels and supports tend to be the primary difference between beginner and advanced skates.
(Source: Michael prewett: 131916/
Roller Blades
Fitness »

If you are currently shopping around for a pair of roller blades, either because you are looking for an addition to your exercise routine, or you think it looks fun, the following article will provide you with all the information […]

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Fitness » Swimming »

Are you sick of having to rent flippers every time you go on vacation, or being unable to keep up with your partners in the swimming pool? Maybe you recently got some flippers that were too big, or are looking […]

Go to the article You need to find the right swimming goggles for your face, activity and age. 
(Source: Maria Dryfhout : 31003579 /
Swimming Goggles
Fitness »

Swimming is one of the most well rounded sports.  Swimming engages almost all our body’s muscles integrating cardio, stretching and resistance training all into the same activity.  Another compelling attribute of swimming, in contrast to so many sports, is that […]

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Vibration Plate
Fitness »

Nowadays, vibration plates can be found in many homes around the world. This simple and common exercise machine is actually a very recent innovation for the general public, only becoming available on the market at the turn of the century. […]

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Smart Band
Fitness »

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and we have access to more information at our fingertips every day. The exponential market growth of smart bands is the perfect example of this trend. These little devices allow you to obtain […]

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Compression Stockings
Fitness »

Compression stockings are used to improve blood circulation in the legs. This involves exerting gentle pressure so that blood circulates upward and thus avoids swelling or clots caused by an injury or surgical intervention. Many people suffer from these problems […]

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Weightlifting Belt
Fitness »

Like most sports, weightlifting and its derived modalities are activities that require the use of specific equipment. In our guide, we want to focus on one of the fundamental accessories you’ll need to practice this discipline: the weightlifting belt. This […]

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