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Research method

Thegoodestate.com is a polythematic site where the most demanding readers can find high-quality information in our articles about a variety of different products. Our aim is to thoroughly investigate the various aspects of a certain product and to present this content in a clear way for consumers.

Through our thorough shopping guides and reviews, we aim to promote a more rational consumer culture. The aim is for users to be truly oriented towards any product they wish to purchase online. Our working method is developed in the following ways:

Choice of products
and themes

Our creative managers choose products, topics of interest, and current affairs to guide readers through their purchases, as well as choosing the best products on the market.

The aim is for consumers to be accurately informed about various products or services that they can find online, and for them to make the best purchase possible.


In this first stage of the research, Thegoodestate.com journalists must look for quality sources and documents that are specialized in the subject matter.

They should also identify professionals or experts who can provide useful information for the preparation of a serious and complete article on the product or topic in question.


Writers must analyze in depth what consumers really need to know about the product.

They should then go over what are the most frequent questions among users and, as objectively as possible, determine what questions will be answered as a result of their research.

Thorough Reading and
Data Collection

In this phase, the journalists of Thegoodestate.com, guided by the key questions, thoroughly read scientific articles and other documents chosen.

They also extract from each source the most valuable and precise information to answer the frequently asked questions, choose the best products, and then write the article.

Selection of the
Best Products

Depending on the type of product or the topic being investigated, journalists choose certain criteria to determine the best articles on the market.

Aspects that are usually evaluated are the quality of the manufacturing materials, power, capacity, speed, resistance, or the opinions and evaluations of the users, among others.

They then compare and draw up a list of the best products or recommendations for readers (completely independent of manufacturers) about the best products available on the Internet.

They also provide links to online stores where users can find different items, such as toys or electronic devices.


Then, the editors of Thegoodestate.com present the findings of their research as clearly and concisely as possible. They use lists, tables, and an orderly structure that allows the users to read what is most interesting to them.

Thus, readers have serious, reliable and excellent quality articles. We try to ensure that all the data and arguments that appear in the various shopping guides are supported with a citation or bibliographical reference (which are presented at the end of each article with a link that allows for further information and verification of the information).

Correction and

Thegoodestate.com also has a professional and specialized team of expert proofreaders and web designers who make our articles the best in their category.

We try to minimize errors in the articles as much as possible. We want to offer serious, true and uniquely designed information.

Valuation and
reader’s questions]

In Thegoodestate.com we want to give you the best and most thorough information about any product you want to buy in the market. Therefore, your opinions, evaluations, and questions are very important to us.

As you can see, we always try to overcome all your doubts in the most complete and most efficient way possible. We are constantly available to communicate with you.

How do we select
our experts?

On our website, we always strive to be ahead of the curve. This is why we innovate every day! Our goal is clear: offering you reliable information of the highest quality. We invest time and resources in choosing highly qualified professionals whose mission is to assess the authenticity of the statements and data in our articles.

You may have wondered how we pick the right people to prepare and review the specialized information that makes up each of our shopping guides. We are here to solve any doubts you have regarding this. In this section, you will find out how we select the best experts in each field.

What steps do we take when choosing specialists to validate the accuracy of our information?

  1. The first phase of selecting experts consists of conducting an exhaustive search of professionals and companies recognized worldwide in the field or science related to the different topics of our articles.
  2. We then contact each one of them and carry out in-depth interviews with them.
  3. We also research the credibility and reputation of these experts on official portals, media outlets, and other reliable sources.
  4. We even go a step further! We perform an internal evaluation and a scale to pick the best of the best in each thematic area. This means that we have the most prepared and specialized staff for every category.
Our experts actively check that the information produced by the journalists and other professionals in charge of writing articles is reliable, does not contain errors of concept, and does not contradict scientific findings.

What sets our experts apart?

In order to provide you with information of the highest quality, we start by making sure that we have the best professionals and specialists, both internally and externally (evaluators).

This is why we expect the following from every expert:

Qualifications: They must be highly qualified and trained in the subject, area, or science of study within the frame of the article or product evaluated.

Professionalism: They must be a professional or group of professionals (company) with demonstrable and established experience in their field or area of expertise.

Objectivity: They must be independent, and their primary goal is the detailed and complete revision of the content of one or several articles. They must confirm conscientiously that the text is reliable and includes accurate data and up-to-date information.

Our editorial standards aim for authenticity and accuracy.
Our journalists rely on information from trusted sources.
Our information is verified and of the highest quality.
Our experts are the best in their field and check that the statements and data we provide are correct.

Why can you trust us and the experts who check our articles?

Our company has the best professionals and experts in each area and field of work. Prior to hiring our staff, we ask for proof and perform various tests that allow us to know the human talent of our candidates. Each résumé is accredited by the certifications and evidence that support it!

Regarding external validation, we never refer to professionals or companies that are part of the list of recommendations compiled by the editor in each text for which we request fact-checking. In other words, the expert who validates the information and the selection of top products made by our journalists in each article are completely independent from each other.

We check, confirm, and correct!

Our company has excellent professionals in research, writing, style editing, design, and layout. That said, prior to publishing, all articles must go through an internal reviewing phase and an external validation process in which different experts check the authenticity of the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thegoodestate.com sell products?

No. Thegoodestate.com does not sell products. Our mission is to write high-quality, informative articles so you can make the best purchase possible.

Do product manufacturers finance Thegoodestate.com?

Thegoodestate.com does not work directly with the manufacturers of the recommended products. We make recommendations based on our research, evaluation criteria, and experience.

Is the commercial affiliation of Thegoodestate.com really objective?

Commercial affiliation has gained a bad reputation in digital media. It is true that, in certain cases, different interests can cause problems, but with pre-established standards and appropriate methods these problems can be avoided.

Thegoodestate.com only recommends products that are safe, of optimal quality and that correspond to our brand philosophy.

How can I contact the Thegoodestate.com team?

You can contact us through our social networks or send us an email at [email protected].

How long will it take to get a response from the Thegoodestate.com team?

Our readers are our priority. Therefore, we want to always be available for your questions and doubts. We try to answer as quickly as possible.

What is a shopping guide?

A “shopping guide” is a type of informative article that is intended to help consumers make the best purchase decision.

Generally, shopping guides are quite user-friendly and follow an easy-to-understand structure. These articles seek to answer the most frequent questions of the readers regarding the products.

Is it safe to buy through Thegoodestate.com?

Yes, Thegoodestate.com works with secure online stores that have a minimum guarantee.

Are the products reviewed on Thegoodestate.com really the best?

That is our purpose, but the variety in the market is so wide that mentioning certain products as “the one and only” is almost impossible.

However, our journalists and editors strive for quality products and only aim to create articles that help you to make the best choice.

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